Farm Legacy Storage Being Retired

Farm Legacy Storage:

  • June 2024: Legacy storage has been set to read-only
  • December 2024: Legacy storage will be destroyed

Legacy storage older than five years is in its final stages of retirement.  It is no longer actively supported and has a high risk of unrecoverable data loss.  The phase-out process is:

Warning of storage deprecation (24 months, completed)
Legacy storage set to read-only (6 months, June-December 2024)
Legacy storage destroyed (December 15, 2024)

Legacy storage has now been set to read-only to prevent ongoing use.  On December 15th, 2024, legacy storage will be permanently decommissioned, and all remaining data will be lost.  You must take action to preserve any data you need.

Resolving issues:

Active accounts with home directories on legacy storage have been moved to a central area with a quota of 20 GB. If you were impacted, more information is in a file named WHERE-DID-ALL-MY-FILES-GO.txt in your new home directory. There is a symlink to your old home directory location for easy access to copy your old files. This symlink only works from the head node, so you cannot run computation jobs with data in your legacy home directory.

If your group directory was on legacy storage, a file named WHY-IS-MY-STORAGE-AREA-READ-ONLY.txt at the top level has more information. You will receive a "Read-only file system" error message if you try to write to a legacy storage area.