Advisory Committee

High-Performance Computing Core Facility Advisory Committee

TITUS BROWN Associate Professor, Population Health & Reproduction, SVM

JIM CRUTCHFIELD Professor, Physics, CLAS

ADAM GETCHELL Director, Info Systems, CAES

JOHN PAUL GRAFF Assistant Professor, Pathology & Lab Medicine, SOM

ROBERT HIJMANS Professor, Environmental Science & Policy, CAES

IAN KORF Associate Director, Bioinformatics at Genome Center, CBS

JAMES LETTS Assistant Professor, Molecular & Cell Biology, CBS

JOHN MCPHERSON, Chair Professor, Biochem & Molecular Medicine, SOM

STEVE PIGG Executive Director, IT Shared Services, COE

JOHN CONWAY, ex officio HPCCF Faculty Director and Professor, Physics, CLAS

MAGALI BILLEN Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

SHIRLEY AHN Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science