Cluster Resources managed by HPC Core Facility

UC Davis HPCCF manages multiple clusters for clients across the entire UC Davis campus. Current HPC environment consists of more than 48,000 CPU cores, over 200 GPUs, and dozens of PBs in user data storage. Here is a chart of some of the clusters we manage as of April 2023. Note that not all clusters are for general use; many are restricted. Visit our FAQ, UCD ServiceHub, or send a request for more information about each cluster.

ClusterCPU threadsGPU countAggreg. RAMmax RAM per nodeNode countInter-connectUsers (Total/ Active)Sponsor
Atomate320221 TB512 GB1154Gbps  19/4UCD Health
Cardio [stats]192-  1 TB32 GB2410Gbps 42/-UCD Health
Demon [stats]1,248-  3 TB512 GB4054Gbps   45/10CLAS
15,3842966 TB2 TB202200Gbps   726/328CAES
Franklin2,168409 TB1TB1110Gbps-CBS
HPC1 [stats]2,44823  5 TB64 GB7632Gbps 250/78COE
HPC25,63212   11 TB256 GB44200Gbps-COE
Impact [stats]584-  3 TB256 GB1654Gbps  15/4CLAS
LSSC09,9422059 TB2 TB171100Gbps1,338/431GC
Peloton [stats]8,4488921 TB512 GB116100Gbps   253/159CLAS