HPCCF Recharge Rates for LSSC0 and Hive

The Office of Research (OR) Vice Chancellor's Office has approved the establishment of the HPCCF recharge rates starting May 1, 2023. These rates will supersede previous rates set by the Genome Center. These rates are effective for the Genome Center cluster LSSC0 and the upcoming HPCCF-managed cluster. Affiliate rates are only available to UC Davis investigators.

Rates for the Farm cluster are published here

The rates are as follows:

  UC Davis Affiliate Rate External Rate
Cost of Primary Storage: $22 per terabyte/yr 
$95.50 per terabyte/yr
Cost of Archival (snapshot copy) Storage: $22 per terabyte/yr. (with the addition of primary storage) $316.00 per terabyte/yr. (with the addition of primary storage)
Dedicated Login Node Administration (PI purchased): $2000 / yr.  
Priority Fair Share points:  $1/per 5000 / yr.  

System Administration hourly rate:

A rate of $151/hour to cover associated FTE costs for special projects.

These rates are based on a 5 year system resource lifetime (5 year warranty).

For more information, please email hpc-help@ucdavis.edu.