Supported Services

Supported Services

The High-Performance Computing Core Facility (HPCCF) provides best-effort support to UC Davis researchers to maintain high-performance computing resources. Currently, the HPCCF offers support for 10 clusters across campus. The HPCCF provides best-effort support from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, except on university holidays. Service requests can be initiated by sending an email to 

I. The HPCCF provides Level 1 (high priority) support for the following items:

Account Management

- Create / Maintain Accounts

- Assign System and Group Privileges

- Manage Job Scheduler (Slurm Queue)

- Maintain and develop the High-Performance Personnel onboarding web portal

Hardware Support

- Support for high-performance compute / GPU nodes, network, and storage equipment associated with a clustered system under warranty.

- Support for purchasing, installing, and decommissioning HPC hardware

Storage Management

- Provisioning primary and archival storage for college-owned HPC

- Provisioning HPCCF-owned primary and archival storage per HPCCF published rates

Onboarding Consultation

- HPCCF is able to consult with principal investigators and researchers to determine high-performance computing needs and assists with onboarding. 

Software Installation

- The HPCCF maintains a central repository of software modules for use across the systems that HPCCF supports. These include, but are not limited to software programming languages such as R and Python, software libraries, and scientific use programs. The HPCCF will install software upon request. Please see Software Installation Policy

- HPCCF maintains compliance with UC Davis ISO and UCOP IS-3 mandates.

- Common software install parameters and dependent modules

- HPCCF maintains Globus endpoints for all supported high-performance clusters.

System tuning for compute, MPI, GPU, network, storage, and the Slurm job scheduler.

- The HPCCF will employ best practices for high-performance computing where available to ensure that supported systems are running as optimally as possible for general use. These best practices include tuning file systems, providing optimal network connectivity, CPU resources, and the Slurm job scheduler.

User Support

- Resolving login issues 

II. The HPCCF provides the following Tier 2, medium priority services based on resource availability.

User Support

- Monitoring system resource availability

- Installation of additional software dependencies.

Hardware Support

Provide troubleshooting and break-fix support for hardware and storage not under warranty.

Software Support

- Installing / recompiling software for individual needs/unique applications as determined by the Software Install Policy

III.  Additional services not listed here are available at the published HPC System Administrator rate upon resource availability.

The HPCCF maintains agreements with individual colleges for unit-specific services as defined by a memorandum of understanding.