I keep getting the ssh connection error "Permission denied (public key)" error message.

I get the SSH connection error "Permission denied (public key)," error message.

If you cannot connect to an HPC cluster and get the SSH connection error "Permission denied (public key)," 

- You may have an incorrect or mismatched public key.
- The login in the node could be down or inaccessible. Make sure to check the status page or maintenance schedule.  
- The user’s public key file must match with our records.
- Users can locate their SSH public key in their SSH client home directory in a directory called “.ssh” and they can use these commands to view the keys and read the public key:-

        ls -al ~/.ssh
        more ~/.ssh/*.pub

If the issue persists, please get in touch with us and include details about the login attempt and the error message at the following email: hpc-help@ucdavis.edu
You can use these commands to list the key pair files inside the .ssh folder and send the output to us for troubleshooting.


How do I send my updated/new public key?

You can resend the new public key using the below link for the Farm cluster users:-

For the Franklin cluster users:

For the Peloton cluster users:


My PI has not received any email to approve my account request.


Your PI should check the Spam/Junk folder in the mailbox; if the link weren't received, the PI can use the following link to see the pending requests and approve them:-

For the Farm cluster PIs, check the below link:

For the Peloton cluster PIs, check the below link:

For the Franklin cluster PIs, check the below link: