Access to Bioinformatics Core HPC resources

Access to HPC resources at Bioinformatics Core in 2021-22

Request Laboratory Membership

The Bioinformatics Core HPC resources are Lab/User supported. The Core receives financial support from the Genome Center which is applied to infrastructure needs and from the UC Davis ACCD for personnel support. ALL compute and storage therefor is supported by the researchers who buy-in to the system. The rates page details the structure of the system, categories of buy-in and corresponding rates. A new lab must buy into at least the shared compute (and/or Login-node) AND storage. To request membership to the Bioinformatics Core's HPC Resources, please send us an email requesting a meeting.

Request a User Account on the Cluster

To request an account on the cluster you first have to have an existing Lab who has agreed to sponsor you. The Core does not restrict any persons (on campus, off campus) from being a user, or the number of users in a lab. Only that they be sponsored by the lab (Lab agrees to take responsibility for their actions), and the user will utilize the lab's resources which they pay for.

To request a new user account, please fill out the form here. The procedure to get an account is as follows:

  1. Request an account via the form here.
  2. Verify the email address you specified on the form.
  3. The lab managers then need to approve their sponsorship of the account.
  4. Once approved you will receive an email to set your password.
  5. Once the password is set, you can access the common login node ( and/or any lab login nodes. May take up to 15 minutes for the new account to propagate through the system.