Software Installation Request

Users of high-performance computing at UC Davis can request the installation of software modules for general use on the systems where they have an account. Software modules installed for general use will be available to all system users and accessed with the module software system. Paid software intended for use for a select group can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

To submit a request, please create a service ticket by submitting this form describing the software. Include the name, vendor (or other source), and the licensing description in your request. Please provide a link to installation files and documentation to the HPCCF.

The HPCCF will evaluate the software installation request according to the following criteria:

  • Benefit or impact to other users on the system
  • Maturity of the software
  • Difficulty of installation, maintenance, and support
  • License requirements

Users are responsible for promptly making their requests, as some software packages require many days of effort to install. Two weeks notice is recommended for any software installation. This time frame could be extended depending on how many dependent packages need installation.

The software license is a document that states the rights of the usage or redistribution of a piece of software. Each piece of software that is installed on a HPC system needs to run legally.

All required fields need to be filled in for HPCCF to consider an installation request. Requests that are not complete will not be considered.