How do I keep track of my Slurm jobs?

You can check on your currently running jobs using the commands:
squeue --me
squeue -u <userid>

If you want to check the running jobs under an Account or from a certain group:
squeue -A <groupName>

If you want to see running jobs on a node and a partition:
squeue -p <PartitionID>
squeue -w <nodeID>

You can use the following Slurm commands to extract information about processed jobs of yours over a time period:

sacct --starttime=2022-01-01 --endtime=2022-12-01 --format="user,account%15,jobid%15,nodelist%15,state%20,jobname%20,partition,start,elapsed,TotalCPU," | less

The command above will list down all the jobs that you ran over the year of 2022 from January 1st till December 1st.
If you want to add more arguments for the --format command to extract specifics of jobs, use the following command to see the sacct arguments:

sacct -e